Lots of love — 1) @myfmars at @nextmodels, 2) @livefredtastic, and 3) @spring. Bonus: @cannontekstar (not pictured). #getspring
Sing along if you know the words —
Celestial body —
ST VINCENT — The Wire 366 | August 2014 (Photography: Michael Schmelling).
Behind the apple — 4½-year-old girl takes portrait of father in #Brooklyn.
I want to bring it to show-and-tell — 4½-year-old daughter beholds @chainandthegang set list from last night’s show in #Brooklyn.
Night vista —
On today of all days — whatever, @thechiaco has my back so #eatchia and be merry!
The power of social media — this is but a sampling of the refrigerated case @thechiaco so graciously sent @nextmodels after I had a vanilla bean #ChiaPod nicked the other week. Love!